Welcome to the Wiki, where we try to outline why one would want to vote for Trump and his direct positions laid out in his book Time To Get Tough: Making America #1 Again and on the internet. This wiki will also contain sources and data that supports Trump’s positions.

Why Would We Support Trump?

This is a broad question. There are many reasons one would want to vote for a candidate. Some people might be single issue voterswhich is defined as a vote being dependent on a certain position for a particular policy. Some might be single issue for Trump for his stance on illegal immigration. Note: Being anti-illegal immigration is not equal to being xenophobic or anti immigration, it is simply a choice to enforce our own laws for citizenship, but we will dive more into illegal immigration under Trump’s policies.

Many people, those who ponder why someone would want to vote for Trump, consider him a racist, sexist, and a xenophobe who is running as a joke. If you happen to think this, first compartmentalize that right now and proceed with an open mind. It is very important for you to do so or else this won’t be beneficial for either parties involved.

Now that we have discussed a few reasons why someone would vote for Trump, let’s go deeper and examine his policy positions. To begin, we’ll be looking at his 2011 book, Time To Get Tough: Making America #1 Again; essential reading for any Trump supporter. This will not only show Trump’s consistency on various positions over the past 4.5 years, but it will also provide even more evidence as to why Trump has the best platform out of all the candidates. The following sections will be organized by chapter with the exception of illegal immigration which will be first. Sources used by Trump will be linked in each section.

Note: As this book is almost five years old, there is likely to be minor changes to specifics within each policy. For example, the tax brackets in his income tax plan are slightly different. This is likely to be the case for other policies in the book, but like his tax plan, it still gives an excellent idea of what one can expect in that particular policy in a Trump policy.

Also, see our subsection on Why Donald? for some specific examples and reasons for voting Trump.