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Melania Trump is the 2nd foreign-born first lady

Melania Trump is the second foreign-born first lady of the United States. The first was Louisa Adams, the wife of John Quincy Adams. Yet according to The New Yorker, “Louisa Adams doesn’t really count, as her father was an American and from a politically connected family that hopped back and forth between England and its newly liberated colonies.” The New Yorker added that Louisa Adams’ “father named one of her sisters, born in 1776, Carolina Virginia Marylanda. The girls, seven of them, were told that they must marry Americans.”

So in many ways as first lady, Melania Trump was really first to be born and raised in a foreign country. And she’s the first to have been raised in a Communist country. She’s also the only first lady to have been her husband’s third spouse. And she’s the only first lady whose first language isn’t English.

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