Ivanka Trump “WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT???”

1. “Do you feel as though you’re across the finish line?”

This one, from Brian Kilmeade, was the FIRST question asked of Ivanka. Good way to start an interview! “So, you’ve finished the race. And lapped the field! How does it feel?”

2. “There are so many people this benefits.”

Steve Doocy with a hard-hitting question about the tax cut package. The best part? Ivanka’s response. “Uh huh.”

3. “You would think that there would be some Democrats that say you know what? I’m for tax cuts for the middle class. I’m for helping small businesses. Why aren’t there any Democrats?”

The frame of this question from Doocy feels like it has a bit of a partisan angle, no? Maybe it’s just me. Unrelated: Why do Democrats oppose giving middle class people more money? WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT???”

4. “But possibly the thing that’s going to be most outstanding for this and it’s permanent is the corporate tax rate. So it goes from 35 to 21.”

This is not, strictly speaking, a question from Kilmeade. It’s not even a question un-strictly speaking. It’s more a recitation of White House talking points.

5. “You just mentioned President Reagan. He had a strength and coming up this afternoon on Fox news channel, your dad is going to be appearing at the Ronald Reagan building in Washington, DC to unveil the national security strategy.”

In case you missed this: Trump = Reagan. Also: Dooooooooooocy.

6. “I know you’re going to hit the road today. You’re going to Connecticut with the female CEO of IBM. What have you all been doing?”

Ainsley Earhardt gets in on the action here with the classic let-me-ask-you-a-super-open-ended-question-about-a-topic-that-is-right-in-your-wheelhouse. You’ll be stunned to know that Ivanka was really glad for this question and went into a detailed answer on her trip.

7. “We need welders, we need plumbers.”

“We need welders, we need plumbers.” — Steve Doocy
“Welders make more money than philosophers.” — Florida Sen. Marco Rubio

8. “Bob Corker and the President have healed their rift. What role did you play with that?”

This is the only acknowledgment in the entire interview that things might not have always been totally perfect with the Trump administration. Of course, it was asked in the context that everything is totally good now — thanks to Ivanka!

9. “So it’s good they’re going to get a chance to vote in a couple of days, and it looks like it’s going to pass. Ivanka. Thank you very much.”

In sum: Tax bill is good — despite Democratic opposition! Going to pass — despite Democratic opposition! Also: Ivanka is the best!
Source – CNN

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