First Lady look

It’s a standard photo opportunity that occurs during every diplomatic meet-up; two world leaders and their spouses stand together in a show of unity, minutes before they head inside to thrash out agreements (or disagreements) between their nations.

Usually – in America anyway – that doorstep picture features two of the world’s most powerful men in the centre, bookended by their First Ladies in beautiful dresses. But Melania Trump was keen to alter the shot when she and President Donald Trump met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire at The White House yesterday, striking perhaps the most powerful silhouette of the four of them.

Foregoing her usual figure-skimming sheath dresses, Melania chose a pinstriped, grey, Ralph Lauren Collection suit with the kind of proportions that one might associate with the Seventies; an androgynous Bianca Jagger or Annie Hall. With an undone tie and shirt buttons fastened all the way to the top, it was a stark contrast to Canada’s Sophie Grégoire in her Sixties monochrome shift dress and ladylike top-handle bag.

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