BREAKING NEWS: Nancy Pelosi To Resign After New Revelations

Insiders in Senate Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office tell the Army Times that there might be an open spot “as early as next week” following the bombshell allegations leveled at Pelosi this past week.

While the mainstream media continues to ignore Pelosi’s scandals, Breitbart reported on Thursday that “at least five men and one woman have complained about Pelosi making unwanted advances in the past, but it always got swept under the rug.”

According to the publication, two sources have confirmed that they were “incentivized” to transfer out of her office — one with a promotion and one with a lump sum cash payment of $15,000.

According to insiders, Pelosi “has determined that she has no choice but to step down, though she wholeheartedly denies the allegations.”

Three of Pelosi’s accusers, all male, are former interns and pages, while the others worked as a clerical aide and a member of the cleaning staff..

Pelosi has been attacking Roy Moore lately for his alleged consensual affair with a young woman, but was simply her covering up her own misdeeds with fake outrage.

It’s time for that old bat to retire anyway, but it’s good to see her go sooner rather than later. Now it’s time for a Republican to take her seat.


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  1. I have lost all respect for USA. The republicans have been bought and have sold their country! And democrats are doing nothing , nothing but lip service. Trump should be gone or taken care of. He is mental!!!! If Obama had done 1/2 of what this bully has done he would be out!!! I think you all have sold this country to the enemy. And it’s our own people that are the terrorists. And I’m a military family. !!!!!

    • are you an american? if so, the presidential election was fair…as for paying lip service to trump, that’s a load of crap! he’s simply doing what we elected him to do…a bully? ROFLMAO! it is how it is! if you don’t like it, tough! and, we’re gonna reelect him! HAHAHAHAHA you poor baby! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

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